Unusual Checkmate

  • I don't think I've ever had a checkmate quite like this one!
  • [as an aside, Kathee is winging her way to San Francisco to visit our daughter, so I am on my own for 3 days!]
  • Note how the advancement of the Pawn in the F column prevents the black King from escaping check by moving to G7.
  • The White Knight at G4 protects the White Pawn at F6.
  • Basically I hemmed the opponent in including the Black Bishop
  • Meanwhile, I had a great Pawn defense!
  • The Black Rooks were likewise hemmed in with no where to operate freely
  • As this developed I actually did not see this unfolding and was a bit surprise by the conclusion
  • The keys:
    • Good Pawn defense
    • Invalidated the Black Rooks and Bishop but hemming them in
    • Opening up the H column
    • The Pawn on F6 protected by the Knight

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