The "pain in the *ss" Highlights for Children Apps

Highlights for Children Apps

Apparently downloading them subscribes one (can be canceled). I called and tried to unsubscribe but was unable to. Awaiting a call back.


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  1. Hi, I'm so sorry for any difficulty you've had unsubscribing to one of our apps. I am unsure the type of device you are using, but I have included the cancellation steps below.

    For Apple devices:
    · Go to Settings
    · iTunes & App Store
    · Tap Apple ID at the top
    · View Apple ID
    · Enter your password when prompted and tap on OK
    · Manage under Subscriptions
    · Select name of subscription you'd like to cancel
    · Turn the Auto-Renewal option to off
    For Android devices:
    · Go to Google Play Store
    · Menu
    · My Apps
    · Select name of app
    · Go to detail page
    · Tap Cancel and Yes to confirm cancellation

    Please let me know if you experience any difficulty during the process and I'll be happy to help. Thanks - Mallory from Highlights Customer Service


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