Zelle: First Test

My 1st sends:

  • I sent birthday money to my son yesterday. From Wells Fargo to Wells Fargo. He received it immediately. I used his email address. This send is not reflected in the above images
  • I sent my daughter $ 10 from Capital One 360.  (I used her email account as the destination "address")
  • I sent myself $ 100 from Capital One 360 to Wells Fargo.  (I used my cell phone as the destination "address")

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Look at all the banks on board!

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My kids' P2P preference:


  1. Looks good. I use CapitalOne 360 regularly (dating back to the ING days) and have no real complaints. My biggest ongoing frustration is getting money to my DCU credit union account for a car loan...although I do it all electronically, it takes 5-7 days for the money to be available. It's rather inexcusable, and a reason I'll likely not use them for anything in the future.

  2. Got a message yesterday from Bank of America stating that their app now includes Zelle. My family has been using Google Wallet to transfer money between us, but will have to try this.

  3. My test where I used Zelle to send myself $ 100 from CO360 to Wells Fargo took 1 business day.

    My tests of Zelle from WF to WF customers (my boys) was instant

    My test of $ 10 to my daughter has not been completed b/c so far she's been too busy and she is not with a member bank

  4. i asked Zelle: what if $$ is not picked up?

    Response: If not picked up in 14 days ... returned to sender

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