Powder Room Remodel

Start - Basically plain

The marble for the vanity-top

Kathee selected the stone

Tear out

Need new hinges: "double demountable"

New door pulls

New art from art.com

Bathroom painted and Vanity (now painted) reinstalled

Marble counter-top and sink install by 

Finished job with Ron

New mirror and light fixture

Bill of material

Lori H from Studio M was our design consultant


  1. Looks great--I'll expect you to have a well-powdered nose next time I see you!

  2. The bathroom was out of commission for 17 days: May 30th through June 16th.

  3. We were on the verge of divorce half the time: :)

    Kathee: wallpaper
    Me: No
    Kathee: Need a new toilet
    Me: No
    Kathee: Paint the vanity
    Me: No
    Kathee: Gray towels
    Me: Redish-orange
    Kathee: 3 7/8" door pulls
    Me: 3" door pulls
    Kathee: marble counter top
    Me: Cambria

    Started shopping early April. Bathroom was out of commission for 17 days (May 30th until today)

  4. Wow, a "powder room" hearkens back to the Rockwellian days of America when we were a kinder, gentler, more naive nation. I haven't heard that term since my days as a clown for the Shriners. I've done a lot of farding in my day, but I haven't now for several years. If you have a whole room devoted to this, more power to you!

  5. Or "more powder to you". (sorry, couldn't resist) Glad to see that Kathee is still putting up with you. :^)

    (my take; the person who cleans the toilet gets to decide whether a new one is appropriate....I'm saving up, and helping)


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