Ferguson vs FaucetDirect

We needed a new faucet for our laundry room utility sink. I purchased the Elkay 406GN05T4 above. I found this interesting.

  • First I searched Ferguson and called their wholesale / retail location. They've got it but it wasn't in stock at their Plymouth location and would have to be shipped in. Price $ 229.44
  • Then I searched and purchased it from FaucetDirect. Price $ 154.70 with free shipping and no sales tax
  • When it shipped, I checked out the shipping source and it was a Ferguson warehouse
  • Interestingly, digging deeper, FaucetDirect is a Build.com company and Build.com is owned by Ferguson


  1. Companies do funny things. That's almost as weird as Nordstrom's changing their name to Nordtrom, O'Reilly's Auto Parts changing their name to O'Reilly, and Genesis 1:1 changing from "heavens" to "heaven".

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