Harpooned - Surgery update

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I have 5 holes in my abdomen ... but I am more "whale-like" than this image (source), hence the Moby Dick imagery above.

Thanks all who have prayed for me. My surgery was Wednesday and I came home yesterday. I have 5 holes in my abdomen but I am not in pain. I am a bit uncomfortable coughing, getting up, rolling over (in bed last night). 

I am moving but slowly. I am looking forward to Thursday as the catheter will be removed and I will no longer be tethered to a bag with a long tube. 

I had very good care at Methodist Hospital (Saint Louis Park). I am amazed by the passion for care that nurses and nurses’ aids have. Additionally, there are a myriad of other volunteers (like a person who brought a warm washcloth every morning and the food staff) who are incredible. 

I have an amazing wife who loves and cares for me! 

If you have read this far here is what I hope be be a funny thing and an interesting thing: 

Funny thing: In post-op (where one comes out of anesthesia). I kept repeating “I’m going to have surgery in two weeks”. Nurse: “You had surgery”. Me: “It’s in two weeks”. I’m not sure how long this went on but it seemed to be 5 or 10 times. Finally me: “I had surgery?”. Nurse: “Yes”. Me: “Am I dreaming?” Nurse: “No!” 

Interesting thing: I had IV’s in both hands. Yesterday as I was preparing to leave both were removed. Now detached from everything and getting dressed, blood spirted from where the IV was in my right hand. Kathee was helping me get dressed and my hand was near my crotch. There was a lot of blood on the floor and the bed and I thought it was coming from my private parts. Nurse Sean came to the rescue. The floor looked like a crime scene.

Thanks all for your prayers!


  1. Glad you're doing well, and will continue to pray for that full recovery.

    Coming out of anesthesia is always funny....I am just glad the morphine wasn't talking TOO loudly when I had my gall bladder out! My family would have been talking about it for generations. :^)

  2. God bless you, brother! May He help you heal quickly! Ed Vasicek


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