2016 Campaign Issues

Not in order and not complete or fleshed out:

  • Reinforce the sanctity of human life: I doubt abortion can be overturned in the near term, but to ignore the barbarism of abortion would be a mistake. Life: from the unborn to the invalid to the elderly ... life matters because men are in the image and likeness of God.
  • Immigration reform: This has been kicked down the road for decades. The open border policy is wrong ... but I am against "a wall". I am not a Trumpite on this! 
  • A reboot on our middle east policy. The Obama deal with Iran looks to be very bad: An Iran with nukes and missiles would be very bad for our allies and for us.
  • Stop (obliterate) ISIS!
  • Social security and Medicare reform
  • Towards a balanced budget.
  • Corporate tax reform (too high ... too complex)
  • Personal income tax reform (too complex)
  • Real health care reform ... not the unaffordable care act

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  1. Like the new picture--you could get a part time job come October-December with that beard! :^)

    Like the list....it strikes me that the GOP could really make some progress if they did some "can't we all agree on this?" kind of things. Can't we all agree that we ought not be taxing pro-life people to fund Planned Parenthood? Can't we all agree that when an immigrant (legal or illegal) is convicted of a felony, we ought to show him the door? etc., etc.


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