Minnesota Hwy 169 Project - Both directions of Hwy 169 over Nine Mile Creek will be closed for full year

Summary of work - Work on Hwy 169 will include:


  • Replacing the Hwy 169 bridge over Nine Mile Creek in Hopkins, Minnetonka and Edina. Bridge conditions require that it be replaced by 2020. Fall 2016 through fall 2017: Both directions of Hwy 169 over Nine Mile Creek will be closed. Advantages of a full closure: Reduces construction impacts from 3 years to 1 year by consolidating all of the planned Hwy 169 projects
  • Reconstructing more than six miles of pavement on Hwy 169 between Hwy 55 and just north of Hwy 62.
  • Constructing acceleration and deceleration lanes on Hwy 169 at Cedar Lake Road.
  • Removing access to and from southbound Hwy 169 at 16th Street in St. Louis Park (proposed).
  • Repairing noise walls.
  • Replacing concrete barrier.
  • Improving pedestrian accessibility.
City of Plymouth project announcement
Project Map (PDF)
Comment: Plenty of time to plan

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  1. That will be fun. 494 and 100 will be parking lots.

    My first job 1998-2004 was in the business park west of 169 on Bren Road. We moved from that location to Golden Valley after a year of commuting there from Anoka - a welcome change for me.


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