Merrill Lynch: 10 Value Stocks for 2014

Merrill Lynch Picks 10 Value Stocks to Buy for the Rest of 2014

Comment: Image source: The Gold Dirt Company - stock shares on Ebay. My take on above: First of all I like articles like this! Free investment advice. On the specifics:

  • Citigroup: Not convinced the management can make it happen. Were I to invest in a bank it would be USB, WFC, JPM.
  • COF: I have enough bank stocks so not for me now. Also low yield.
  • ESV: Had never heard of the company until today. Completely off my radar! Nice  yield. 
  • Easton: Have a position in but feel it is towards top. Holding. This was the big "inversion" story two years ago
  • Fifth Third: A special place in my heart for this stock as I bought very low at nearly $ 1 (1000 shares) and sold at $ 14. Got me started in self-directed investing. I have enough bank stocks
  • General Dynamics: I have a position. Feel it is high
  • General Motors: Not impressed with the product. Some companies are not retail (GD) but ones that are I ask myself ... "do I like the product". I'm not the most discriminating buyer but if I don't like it I don't like the stock. P/E is high.
  • Hess: Has been on my radar but not high on buy list. Problem = low yield. See The Quest for Yield
  • Noble: I literally know nothing of this company and so off radar so far. 
  • Wells Fargo: I have a position. We may have too much because Wells matches our 401K contributions with stock. We typically divest of this stock annually to maintain a diverse portfolio.

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