Clover Leaf University

Some Students Wonder About Marijuana-Themed University On Auraria Campus


There are three flags over the Auraria Campus for the University of Colorado Denver, Metro State University and the Community College of Denver. But there’s another institution there as well called Clover Leaf University. It’s curriculum is marijuana. “As long as they’re conducting lawful activities we don’t have any desire to ban them from the campus, because that’s part of our content neutrality approach,” Blaine Nickeson with the Auraria Higher Education Center said. Clover Leaf University offers courses in cannabis cultivation, infusion and marijuana business. It rents space in the King Center on campus, but that doesn’t sit well with Metro State student Lawrence Valdez. “It doesn’t seem to be the way that a university really operates,” Valdez said. He says he does not have a problem with the subject of marijuana being taught on the campus, but it’s the status of Clover Leaf. “If they are as legitimate of a university as Metro, CCD and the University Of Colorado at Denver, then we should fly the Clover Leaf University flag just as proudly as we fly the other three,” Valdez said.
Comment: Official site. I have a Bachelor's from Metro State University of Denver

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