Year in Review

  1. Health: I rejoice that 2013 was a year of good health! After health issues in 2011 and 2012, this was a welcome improvement, for which I praise the Lord! (3rd John vs 2, "Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers".) I did have a minor health issue of a persistent cough. As it turned out that was even for my benefit as my doctor ordered up a heart stress test that I passed with flying colors. The heart (at last my physical heart!) is good! I also had a good year where I did not fall all year! Additionally while my legs get very tired and my knees and ankles experience some minor pain, the pain evaporates with a night's rest!
  2. Spiritual life: I might not be the best one to evaluate my own spiritual life! I'm still a sinner and I sin every day. But I have endeavored to live for Christ daily. Kathee and I read the Scriptures daily and pray and the Lord has been gracious to us all year (no surprise there!)
  3. Church: We continue to joyfully worship and serve at Fourth Baptist Church.
  4. Work: I will celebrate my 20th anniversary with my company in two months. The Lord has used this work to enable us to provide for ourselves. I'm often asked about retirement. The answer is "not yet" and "probably 2 more years". I still have not put together a credible after work plan.
  5. Travel: We had three trips this year: February to Florida to visit Kathee's brother; March to Texas to help my Mother move out of her house and into an independent senior center.; April to Cape Cod with my wife and sister. Additionally I had a business trip to Charlotte. 
  6. Family: Our daughter is in her first year of graduate school at M.I.T.; Our oldest son graduated from college with a degree in accounting and is now working as an accountant for CBRE; and our middle son is currently in Afghanistan with the Army. He is expected home this Summer and is to go back to civilian life with Seagate.
  7. Pets: We sadly had to put one of our cats down. 
  8. Home: We had a big blow down and experienced tree damage back in June. Four willows had to be cleaned up / trimmed up. One large spruce had to be removed and a replacement tree planted.
  9. Investing: I dabble in investing. My top investment of 2013 was PBI which doubled in value. Too bad I have few shares. My stinker investment was in BCE which declined in value by 9%. At the time I made the PBI investment ... I considered it a risky choice. Who knew!
  10. Toastmasters: I joined this year and have had a lot of fun with this. 
  11. Mayflower Society: Finally joined.
  12. Writing: I wrote a series on articles on personal finance. All were published on Sharper Iron.

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