Stuck in a Snowbank

At about 4:00 pm, I drove my Chevy S-10 out to O"Reilly auto parts in Plymouth to see my brother. On the way back I drove through Clifford French Park to see the sights. Unfortunately I slid my S-10 into a snow bank. This was just before 5:00 p.m.

I waited and waited and prayed. Two vehicles drove by without stopping despite my having my 4-way flashers on.

Finally at about 5 p.m. a man Tony stopped. I borrowed his cell phone and called my wife who called our motoring plan.

Then I waited and waited. I would run the truck for 5 minutes to heat the cab up and then turn it off for 20.

At 6:20, Kathee came to get me. The towing companies are backed up for hours. We are home ... but the truck is still there. I have contacted Frankie's Towing and they are going to call us when they can meet us there to extricate the truck.

----- Updated at 8:40 pm --------
Truck home ... snow still packed in wheels


  1. Actual time was 8:15 pm central

    Insurance will cover the cost but I have to send the receipt in.

  2. Tracking: mailed receipt to motoring plan today.

  3. Glad you got it out ok.

    Your story doesn't mention where your own cell phone was...

  4. @Tobin: Cell phone was charging beside my chair at home. First thing the wife said to me .. you were stupid to go out without your cell phone. Answer: Yup


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