Toastmasters speech at Wells Fargo today: "Why I don't believe in Santa Claus but I believe in Christmas"

By the time this posts, I will have given my 7 minute speech (I have a hard time fitting all into 7 minutes - but that is my allotted time). Outline is as follows:

  • Introduction:
    • For a longer title: Why I don’t believe in Sasquatch, Big Foot, the Tooth Fairy, the Locke Ness Monster, or Santa Claus … but I believe in Christmas.
    • Why? Essentially I am an empiricist – I look for evidence
    • At Christmastime, Christians celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth -Even though unlikely he was born on December 25th
  • Four questions about Jesus Christ:
    1. Just a legend?
    2. A liar?
    3. A lunatic?
    4. Or Lord?
  • A legend? Mythical? Or Historical? Verifiable?
    • The analogy of Abraham Lincoln from 200-150 years ago
    • Our summer of Lincoln: Books, Places
  • Historical references (Biblical and extra-Biblical):
  • A liar?
    • He made claims:
      • “Before Abraham as I am” (Abraham the Father of three religions: Islam, Judaism, Christianity)
      • “he that has seen me, has seen the Father”
    • He forgave men their sins (and who can forgive sins but God?!)
    • He accepted worship
  • A lunatic?
    • A teacher
    • A healer / miracle worker
    • A prophet – the destruction of Jerusalem
  • Or Lord? Early Christians and Christians today believe the grave could not contain Him - He is risen Lord!

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