Common sense on Syria


  1. Interesting read on issue of if congress rejects and the Pres goes ahead


  2. On urgency: Obama’s 2014 calculation: Let’s have a war

    Consider this: Mr. Obama made his dramatic Rose Garden statement Saturday — then headed to the golf course. Congress has no plans to cut short its 30-day vacation, and the president did not call lawmakers back. So much for urgency.

  3. On what could happen

    White House Girds for Battle With Congress

    Opponents of military action said the bombing of Syria risked quickly escalating and bringing in Mr. Assad's chief international backers, Iran and the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah.

    They also worried that a U.S. attack on Syria would serve only to ensure a stalemate in the Arab country while continuing to flooding its neighbors with refugees.

    "I'm not sending my son, your son, to fight for a stalemate," said Sen. Rand Paul, (R., Ky.) on NBC's "Meet the Press."

  4. On France: French opposition seeks vote in parliament after surprise Obama turnabout on Syria attack

    Francois Fillon, France’s ex-prime minister and leading figure in the opposition UMP party, said Sunday that parliament should vote on the issue, telling the Journal du Dimanche newspaper, “In the current circumstances, France cannot go to war without the clear support of parliament.”

    France’s parliament is scheduled to debate the issue Wednesday, but no vote is scheduled.

    Another French opposition figure, prominent centrist politician Francois Bayrou, said in an open letter published in Sunday’s Journal du Dimanche that it would be “unthinkable” for Hollande to act without consulting parliament.

    Voices from within Hollande’s own party agreed. The head of parliament’s defense committee, Patricia Adam, told the newspaper that she favors the idea on a personal level, and that she “doesn’t see any reason why parliament wouldn’t get a say now when others do.”

  5. 10 Things Everyone Needs To Understand About A Military Strike In Syria

    # 4: When all belligerents in a conflict are morally repugnant, you ought to choose sides carefully (better yet: don’t).

  6. Colin Powell

    "To think that we can change things immediately just because we're America, that's not necessarily the case," Powell said. "These are internal struggles."

  7. Kerry on climate change

    "The science is clear. It is irrefutable and it is alarming," Kerry told a climate conference in Majuro in the Marshall Islands in a video address from Washington.

    "If we continue down our current path, the impacts of climate change will only get worse."

    Kerry said without strong, immediate action, the world would experience threats to critical infrastructure, regional stability, public health, economic vitality, and the long-term viability of some states.


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