8 signs you're flirting with financial ruin

8 signs you're flirting with financial ruin

The List:
  1. Paying late fees and juggling bills
  2. Counting on a future windfall
  3. Multiple credit card hocus-pocus
  4. Fighting with your partner over finances
  5. Regularly paying overdraft fees
  6. You have a savings rate of zero
  7. Covering expenses with retirement savings
  8. Treating your home like a piggy bank
Comment: Planning a forthcoming article on this.

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  1. Jim, it strikes me that there is an unbridged gap between conventional financial wisdom and the Scriptures--perhaps one that can be bridged by noting that when someone goes to the pawn shop or other disreputable lender, one can guess that they are either starving or coveting--and in our society, it's generally the latter. And that links us to the Decalogue and Scripture, of course.


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