Heart stress test

This blog post documents (with images) my Dobutamine Stress Echocardiogram that I had yesterday at the Park Nicollet Heart and Vascular Center.

I was strapped to a bed (it wasn't even soft!) .... see image above. Several crazy people operated the electronics.

An attendant ripped my heart out for visual inspection. This was less painful than I thought it would be! They pronounced it good ... and I went home. I'm not sure if they kept the heart or not!

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  1. Actually they imaged the heart at rest (62 beats per minute). They used a drug - dobutamine - to race the heart at 135 bpm. They imaged again. They used a drug to bring the heart back to 'normal'. At this juncture, my blood pressure dropped to 50 over something. I was like jello on a warm front porch. Dr came in .... they adjusted medicine. All good!


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