Skipping the Second Car

Skip the Second Car to Save Money


As financial blog 20 Something Finance points out, getting rid of your second car can save you thousands of dollars. Moreover, if you live close to work or if your schedules can accommodate it, you can skip the second vehicle with minimal inconvenience to your daily schedule. ... The author estimates (very roughly) that skipping the second car can save a few thousand dollars per year, assuming that the amount of driving doesn't change at all.
Comment: Our 2nd car is a 2002 Chevy S-10. It's 13 years old and has $ 25,000 miles on it. We average under 2,000 miles per year. Our objective is to sell it in 2 years and have just one vehicle. I'm not sure about saving us thousands a year, but I would guess it will save us about $ 1,200 per year.


  1. I calculate about the same. About $500 for insurance, $40 for registration, and depreciation.

    That said, having just agreed to a good chunk of money to keep our minivan running, we might be looking for newer soon....and hopefully something that will tolerate the loads we put on our minivan a little better. Thinking perhaps a used Acadia or Traverse, maybe the right deal on an Enclave.

    (How'd you like the SUV you rented in Massachusetts?)

  2. One thought for you is that if you're going to a condo in the city, why not save the parking space, too? I'm guessing that gets you even a touch more than that $1200, and if the cabs and situation are friendly to yur situation.....that's a lot of fares, no?

  3. We rented an Acadia on our Mass trip. It was brand new. Fully optioned out with leather including leather buckets in 2nd row. We never opened up 3rd row seating.

    Comparing it to my Buick Lucerne:

    Lucerne (V-8) has greater power. I find the Lucerne more comfortable than the Acadia. But I liked the Acadia quite a bit

  4. Thanks--given that my family size requires either a full size van, a Suburban/Expedition, or one of the 8 passenger SUVs/minivans, I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that I'm not going to be doing 0-60 in less than 7 seconds in the main family car. :^)

    Connie and I have talked about the possibility of a little more zip in the 2nd vehicle, though. Just have to balance it with that "snow" thing, so the Mustang and Camaro are probably out.

  5. I had a hard time (because of my handicap) getting up into the Acadia. I could and I did but it as difficult for me. My Buick Lucerne ... I just kind of turn around and fall back into it.

  6. Now if they brought back the Roadmaster and put that 6.2 liter V8 they're using for the Corvette into it with a six speed manual.....

    On another bizaare tangent, I had a dream last night that whoever bought Camp Clearwaters turned it into a tacky cabin community along the lines of a KOA. :^)

  7. We managed with a single car for a year after moving back to the US. It wasn't horrible, but left my wife feeling trapped at home too often, even though my office was only 4 miles from home. Now that I'm working 25 miles away, it really wouldn't be a good thing at all.


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