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Peet Court Outcome 06082012

After a full morning in court, we return grateful for the outcome. I had been charged with a Gross Misdemeanor - an "intent to evade taxes" Early this morning I prepared talking points to review with my attorney. As follows:
  • I've lived in Hennepin County for 16 years and over this time frame I have paid $ xx,xxx in property taxes. I documented the previous year's taxes for my attorney
  • Last year alone I paid $ x,xxx. in state income taxes. I had documentation for this
  • The amount of "evaded" taxes was less than $ 100.
  • My other car - the Buick - has annual license tab fees of $ 251. Again I had documentation that I had paid that. The reasoning here is that if I intended to evade taxes, I would evade taxes on the much more expensive vehicle.
  • My concluding point: I am not a tax evader. And that the failure to have current license tabs on my truck was a simple omission and there was no "intent to evade taxes"
My attorney met with the Plymouth attorney. The charges were reduced from a Gross misdemeanor to a Petty Misdemeanor (there are three grades of misdemeanor in Minnesota: Gross, Misdemeanor, and Petty Misdemeanor A Petty Misdemeanor is not considered a crime in Minnesota ... it is more like a traffic offense. I paid a $ 300 fine and $ 78 in court costs.


  1. A "gross misdemeanor" for expired tags? Sounds like a law grossly in need of change.

  2. Back on 12/30 I was arrested, cuffed, put in the back of a squad car, taken to the police station, fingerprinted and photographed

    My truck was towed away to an impound lot

    There was something "gross" about it!

  3. Case details online

    (More for my records than anyone else's)


  4. Update: the previous direct link does not work because there is a CAPTCHA

    Search site Link

    Select: Criminal/Traffic/Petty Case Records

    Case Number: 27-CR-12-13937

  5. Or for fun ... use the name search and put in Peet James

    There's a James Leroy Peet

    It's not me!


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