On being handcuffed

Above is an image of me on crutches from last month (Kerrville TX with my Mother, wife and sister)

I can't stand up without crutches. With crutches I walk about 1/4 the speed of normal walkers and cannot walk very far. 

But for expired tabs, the Plymouth police thought it necessary to take away my crutches, pull my arms behind my back and cuff me. 

I'm a real threat to society!



  1. It reminds me of Officer Opie in Alice's Restaurant.....and they removed the toilet seat from the toilet so I wouldn't bang myself over the head and drown.....and two hours later, Alice--remember Alice?--came to the police officer station, and with a few nasty words to Officer Opie on the side, bailed me out of jail, and we had another.....

    Thanks for the call!


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