My fine

Comment: While we waited we watched half a dozen or more cases. Many were DUI's and all of them were the 2nd arrest. And all of them had a fine of $ 900 with $ 800 stayed .. for a total of $ 100. Mine was three times that amount. Doesn't make sense but I had budgeted $500 so I'm not complaining


  1. Note the check #. We've been here 16 years and our checks started with 1001. So in 16 years we have written only 779 checks or an average of 48 per year.

    Any more I probably write an average of 6 checks a year. This month I've written 2

  2. It's worth noting that getting caught going an perfectly safe speed in a local speed trap also appears to be more significant in the eyes of the state than a second DUI. And people wonder why so many people don't take the law seriously.

  3. Someone asked me why my wife wrote the check. Answer: Threefold:

    1.) My handwriting is absolutely terrible (back to the broken neck thing 25 years ago) AND
    2.) The settlement business took place standing up at a clerk's high desk (I'm guessing 4' tall). Kathee was able to stand there and write the check. I was just able to stand there with my crutches.
    3.) Kathee is the CFO of our organization! I'm the CEO

  4. Other exciting cases while I was at court:
    * Drunk bounced from bar .... bites bouncer on the forearm
    * DUI with a twist. Attorney says "the victim would like to make a statement". Judge: "victim?". Attorney: "from the car crash". Judge: "This is the first I heard about a crash". (that one was postponed)
    * Man brought in by sheriff ... apparantly had been brought from jail. Had threatened his wife with a knife.
    * Homeless man likewise brought from jail. He looked like a castaway with rumpled tan shorts and T shirt. Said he had been hired by (some purportedly famous person with MPR). He cites the man's name and said "I'm sure you've heard of him". Judge: "Never heard of him".


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