Edward's case no "slam dunk"

Complex Case Ahead for Prosecutors


The criminal case against John Edwards on misuse of campaign funds will be a challenge for federal prosecutors, experts in campaign finance and corruption said.

Most cases related to campaign finance are hard for prosecutors to win, said Joseph Sandler, a lawyer in Washington with much experience in campaign finance and election law. “In the best of circumstances, to successfully prosecute a campaign finance case is not easy,” he said. “It’s a complex area of law, and it’s difficult to explain and understand.”

Yet public disapproval of Mr. Edwards’s extramarital affair while he posed on the campaign trail as a “devoted family man,” as the indictment put it, seems to have predisposed many observers to hope that he can be found guilty, whatever the law states.

A blogger at Above the Law, a Web site devoted to legal topics, noted the indictment and added, “Life can seem pretty unfair sometimes. This isn’t one of those times.”

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