Nonslip river-rock flooring

Remodeling Now to Avoid Accessibility Problems Later


The new master bath in her four-bedroom ground-floor unit, built in 1995, has a river rock shower, towel racks that function as grab bars and plenty of floor space to maneuver a wheelchair or walker if needed. (Three other bathrooms were given minor facelifts, too.)

“The bathroom reminds me of standing in a North Carolina stream bed, skipping stones,” said Mrs. Carlin. “You would never know it’s fully accessible.

Comment: Interesting NY Times article. Our house is fairly accessible but our MB tile is very slippery. Kathee has non-slip backed rugs that help. But if the rugs are in the wash ... oh my! I once did a complete fall on my back on our bath tile. Our bath tile is now almost 17 years old and could be a replacement project soon (grout is loose and we have at least one cracked tile)

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