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Not sure if you've seen the stock market heat map on CNBC. I don't watch CNBC during the day but I have been while I've been home sick. This site (above) is really cool.

Other today:
  • Donald Trump on CNBC today: Obama playing golf while Japan is experiencing this nuclear trauma is "disgraceful". Glen Beck on: "has someone hit him with a stupid stick ... has he become King Louis?"
  • Rudy Giuliani on CNBC: Obama not showing leadership on Libya. He has abdicated leadership to David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy (context ... in calling for the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi while dithering on the no-fly zone idea.)
  • On the stock market free fall today: the Japan story has gone from a earthquake / tsunami to a nuclear disaster story (not sure who said this)
  • I find it interesting that while in general the stock market is down today (heat map) .. Smith & Wesson is up (we own 100 shares)
  • I saw this yesterday. Wells Fargo owns 11% of India Globalization Capital (IGC). It trades for under 60¢. I thought I would buy 400 shares but my free trades account with WF does not cover "penny stocks". I could buy it but would have to pay a trading fee. I passed.
  • Speaking of stocks. I had Lubrizol Corporation (LZ) on my list of potential buys. Well yesterday Warren Buffett announced that Berkshire Hathaway is buying the whole company. (Great minds :) think alike)
  • More from Rudy Giuliani. Lauded David Cameron on his 'Multiculturalism Has Failed' speech. I am searching for the text of his speech but meanwhile here are some links (and below YouTube videos of)
  • Also found this of interest today: Five High-Yield Dividend ETFs for Smart Income Seekers
  • I had to go out and buy more drugs today (more Vanco). I also dropped by Lunds and picked up 2 cake donuts from their bakery.
British Prime Minister Calls Multiculturalism a Failure


  1. I know I'm going against the grain here, but I think the nuclear disaster thing is basically a fraud. Or if you want to put it more gently, I'd at least call it media sensationalism. I think in a few days this story will die because it's all hype and a non-story. The earthquake and the tsunami were horrendous, but I don't believe the nuclear part of the story.

  2. Speaking of a stupid stick, isn't it amazing how long it takes our government to complete basic tasks like cleanup of a 12 block area (the WTC area)? In contrast, building the Empire State Building took only a year or so.

    I hope anon is right aboat the nuclear stuff, though. I'm not convinced...

  3. BTW, hang in there with the bowel plague.....we're praying for you and Kathee in this. (and we're right in line after your brother if you need a transfusion.....sorry, just couldn't resist)

  4. I really like finviz but you have to pay for the RSI heatmap. There is a free RSI heatmap at vizumetrics I use now.


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