Coke vs Pepsi vs Dr Pepper Snapple

Comment: Several commented on my JVA stock question (one on Facebook). So I thought I would throw out another investment discussion: Coke vs Pepsi vs Dr Pepper Snapple. This is not a taste test question (I prefer Diet Pepsi), but if you could buy 100 shares of any of these which would you buy and why?

Relevant data from yahoo finance below:




Comparison stock prices over the last year:


In general I like food stocks because "people are gonna eat". All of the above look to be solid dividend stocks. What think ye?


  1. I'm not a huge guy in judging stocks, but looking at the P/E and history of the stock price, I've got to go with Coke unless it's evident that they've taken some liberties with accounting to juice the P/E ratio.

  2. I like Coke too because they are strong internationally.

    Just noodling it ... don't have the funds yet to invest at that level with that stock

    I am an investing newbie ... shouldn't be because I have a degree in finance and even have taken investing classes. But still a newbie.

    My investing skills are about like my 9-ball (pool) skills. At the rate I am growing I might be there in about 1000 years!

  3. Hey JP, I'd like to trade fun stock ideas with you, but I'm afraid if I reply to a post this old that it will be lost in cyberspace because it's so old on your site that neither you nor anyone else will see this post.

  4. Hey Anonymous .. go for it ...

    Tell me your stock ideas.



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