Would you buy this stock? (Coffee Holding Co., Inc. - JVA)

Coffee Holding Co., Inc. - JVA

Comment: I have an extra $ 500 to invest. I used Yahoo Stock Screener to search for stocks trading under $ 5 that are paying dividends. So what do you think? A worthy investment?


  1. I dont think this is a good stock to buy for several reasons

    1) P/E ratio is very low
    2) Insiders are not buying but rather selling this stock
    3) Cash flow is questionable.

    I think you can find a better place to park $500

  2. It May Be Time to Load Up on Coffee Holding Co. :

    The bottom line is, you get an extemely under-valued coffee company including a family-based management team with more than half a century of experience in the coffee business. It also has its own incentives clearly aligned with shareholders with sizable insider stakes in the company. The fact that this equity's price remains so subdued is greatly influenced by the lack of public recognition of this security. I would put a true intrinsic value of this company based on buyout potential at this moment at approximately $7.50.


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