I don't even eat Sushi!

The Six-Legged Meat of the Future


Not long ago, foods like kiwis and sushi weren't widely known or available. It is quite likely that in 2020 we will look back in surprise at the era when our menus didn't include locusts, beetle larvae, dragonfly larvae, crickets and other insect delights.

Comment: I'm a red meat kind of guy!


  1. Ladybugs, then? :^)

    I'm reminded of the "Bugs" song from Patch the Pirate. :^)

  2. I would have said the same 5 years ago. Now given the choice of a good steak or good sushi....I'd have a hard time choosing, but the sushi would probably win.

    And I've seen others eat termites, but somehow don't think insects will be quite as popular as soon as the author thinks.

  3. Red meat in sushi includes salmon, tuna...what else, Tobin? :^)

    And the wasabi....mmmmmm.....

  4. I've eaten bugs before (in milk chocolate). Crunchy


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