The "I love myself" Valentine

The "Murphy's Law" of Valentine's gifts:

Thoughtfully (I'll tell my wife this when her gift arrives!), I ordered Sees' candy for Kathee for Valentine's Day. I put my own address in as the billing address and clicked shipping address is the same as billing address. I even ordered a card to go along with it - "I love you! Jim". After I did the web submit, it dawned on me that it would be shipped to me - to my name! Obviously Kathee and I live together so it will go to the correct address. But it will be a Valentine card "To James" with love from Jim.

I immediately called the Sees' toll free # but they informed me that the "web department" would have to take care of it. I emailed them yesterday. Here's their response.


Unfortunately your order has already been prepared for shipment and we are unable to make any changes to the order at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

If they could only imagine how I will "pay for this"! :)


  1. Hey, you'll be eating a lot of these anyways, no? :^)

  2. I suppose. After V/D we will typically have one with a cup of coffee.


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