One job for entire career .... not many any more

Career for life? For a lucky few, it still exists


There was a time when people like Richard Keshishian, who has been an employee at Prudential for nearly three decades, had to whisper the number of years they spent with one company.

It just wasn’t hip to be with one company for more than a few years. Job-hopping in order to boost your career had become the norm.

“But the tide is changing,” said Keshishian, 52, vice president of benefits for the insurance company. “When I tell not only people within Prudential, but friends who have bounced around from job to job, they are impressed with being able to claim 20 years or more of service.”

Comment: My Dad was one of them and he kind of lucked into it. He dropped out of HS after the 10th grade (which I understand was common back then where he lived). He worked at a creamery for a year or two. Then he started working for the phone company digging ditches and erecting telephone poles. He was drafted for a year (the year before Pearl Harbor). After war was declared he was in the Army for the duration. He was discharged as a Master Sergeant. He was rehired by A.T.&T. They credited him with his years of military service. So in 1945 he had about 6 years of service. Dad and Mom converted his dress military uniform to a business suite and had it died dark blue. He ended up with 44 years of service with A.T.&T.

Kathee and I are closing in on 20 years. She was hired by United Bank in Colorado .. which was acquired by Norwest ... which acquired Wells Fargo (and took the Wells Fargo name) ... which merged with Wachovia. She has 18 years of service. I am just past 16.

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