Saturday miscellanea

The house work (from hail damage on 5/31) commenced yesterday. Having done: new roof, 11 windows, siding on 2 sides, gutters and downspouts.

It took me almost three months to get all the insurance details finalized.

Kathee and I had a very hectic week. I virtually never get headaches but yesterday I had a raging one at the end of the day.

We came home and there were still roofers pounding away. The cats were in an absolute frenzy (imagine being home all day to this!!). The pounding went on until 8 p.m. It was not a relaxing evening.

K and I slept in until almost 8. Roofers arrived shortly thereafter and the banging commenced.

I gave blood by apheresis again today. This is an every 16 week thing. There are 2 times when I feel a little scared ... when they poke my finger for the initial blood test and when they put the needle in my arm.

Roof work looks to be finished. There is a big dumpster in the driveway still.

K is going shopping at 2:30 and I am going to take a drive in the country.

Roger and Kate are coming for dinner.

Worship tomorrow at 4th.


  1. I rarely get headached either, but I got a migraine yesterday. But I think it was due to my job popping.
    I think I am going to give blood next week here at work. I was doing it right by my place, but it will make it a lot easier if I do it here at work.
    I understand about being woken up to roofers. The one time I remember my parents getting the roof done, I did not know about it until they starting tearing off the old roof. I woke up at like 5 or 6am to them doing it.(they have to start much earlier in Phoenix)

  2. I'm with you on blood donation. Over 11 gallons and I still don't like to watch the needle go in.


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