Herminone on tall ladder

Comment: My sister is having new fans installed on her ceilings. Herminone (who is a little, little kitty) climbed the top of the shorter of the 2 ladders.


  1. Cats are so different. They always find the most awkward place to sit.
    Our cat has been known to sit with her face in a corner on occasion.

  2. Am I the only one who thought your cat was named after the Harry Potter character until I realized that something really didn't fit in that picture? :)

  3. Tobin, you're the only one. Somehow I missed the Harry Potter movies, and the books. The only thing that I thought of was The Munsters. (Herman Munster)

  4. I'd much rather watch The Munsters than Harry Potter. What does everyone else think?

    And to tie it in to other recent financial posts on this website, is it true that the "ugly" niece's (Marilyn)mom, was a high powered member of the Treasury Department? I wonder what the Senior Mrs. Munster would have thought of the current financial crises.

  5. Tobin: Actually my niece's cat. She has another one (I think from the same litter) called Pontoof. I understand that Pontoof is the invisible kangaroo from the film Chocolat.

    My Sister's granddaughter (3) calls Pontoof - "Toof". Cute

  6. Wow, talk about understatements. I just did some quick fact checks. Not only was Marilyn Munster's mom a high ranking member of the Treasury Dept., she was the actual Treasurer of the United States! But what I didn't find out was if she was related to Herman or Lilly Munster. She must have been a sister to one of them.

    JP, you should name all your cats names similar to Federal Reserve governors and Treasurers.


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