Chocoholics sour on new Hershey’s formula: Former fans kissed off about replacement of cocoa butter with vegetable oil


Products such as Whatchamacallit, Milk Duds, Mr. Goodbar and Krackel no longer have milk chocolate coatings, and Hershey’s Kissables are now labeled “chocolate candy” instead of “milk chocolate.”

What’s going on here? On Friday, TODAY consumer correspondent Janice Lieberman reported that Hershey’s has switched to less expensive ingredients in several of its products. In particular, cocoa butter — the ingredient famous for giving chocolate its creamy, melt-in-your-mouth texture — has been replaced with vegetable oil.

The removal of cocoa butter violates the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s definition of milk chocolate, so subtle changes have appeared on the labels of the Hershey’s products with altered recipes. Products once labeled “milk chocolate” now say “chocolate candy,” “made with chocolate” or “chocolatey.”

Some say the label changes are too difficult to spot.

“A lot of people don’t notice it. The package looks exactly the same,” said Cybele May, who has chronicled the changes in detail on her Candy Blog. “I feel betrayed by Hershey’s. They’re giving me an inferior product and they’re not even telling me …

“I call it mockolate, which is basically a fake chocolate product.”

Comment: As long as they do not mess with M&M's!


  1. Mr. Mars must be spinning in his grave, as the old axiom goes.

    JP, speaking of which, why was the body of the inventor of the Milky Way candy bar moved and reburied up in your area in Minneapolis, MN? Is Minnesota some sort of chocolate hub that I'm not aware of?

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    I did not know that Frank Mars was buried in Minneapolis. Interesting

    Frank Mars

  3. Hershey makes (made?) chocolate? Who knew?

    Somehow I'm not surprised that Hershey (bleah) is the first to try this. The argument goes like this; other fats are just the same as cocoa butter, which is why of course cocoa butter, and not any other fat, is the premium ingredient in any number of products.


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