Smart Fortwo

Kathee and I visited the Smart dealership in Bloomington last Saturday. Funny thing is that we thought it was at the Mercedes dealership (which it is not) and we went there first. Kathee had a pair of jeans on that had bleech spots (you know where bleach splashes on the jeans) and I had a food stain on my pants (hey it was the end of the week!). That morning I was eating a very soft banana (like black!) and one of my cats was on my lap. She lept off my lap and the banana went flying and landed on my pants! (It happens!). I also had not shaven since Wednesday. We didn't look like much and that's the way were were treated! Oh well!

Then onto the Smart dealership. We were treated like human beings there! I'm not buying one (yet) but I was very impressed. I can actually fit nicely into this thing (which is saying alot because I am tall, heavy, and somewhat crippled up). My crutches fit nicely between the seats.

I read this week that the Smart Fortwo received 5 Star safety ratings. I definitely would not drive to Dallas in one of these but it would work nicely around town. Silly me ... I thought Fortwo was some Japanese word (like "fort - wo") but it is pronounced "for two").

Here's an interesting link about the Smart: TruthAboutSmart


  1. Look real closely at the third paragraph. It states that "five star" is how it stacks up against vehicles "of similar size and weight."

    In other words, it'll do OK in a crash with a Schwinn, but not against a monster SUV like a "Honda Civic."

    Don't they have laws against deceptive advertising?

  2. Bert,

    Good point about the crash test ratings.


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