Melting Glacier on the Brain

John McCain Has Melting Glaciers on the Brain

Dear John,

The liberal mainstream media is going to give you a pass on this, but I would be remiss if I didn’t help set the record straight while you’re on your panderfest with treehuggers in the Pacific Northwest.

A few essential reads for your perusal:

Antarctica Ice Cap Growth Reaches Record High Levels
New NASA Evidence Refutes Global Warming
Arctic Sea Ice Back to its Previous Level
Unusual Winds Caused Arctic Ice Melts, Not Global Warming
NASA Examines Arctic Sea Ice Changes Leading to Record Low in 2007
Arctic Sea ice loss - “it’s the wind” says NASA
Sea Ice May Be on Increase in the Antarctic: A Phenomenon Due to a Lot of ‘Hot Air’?
Antarctic volcanoes identified as a possible culprit in glacier melting
Ancient Greenland was actually green! DNA analysis reveals ice-covered country was once home to butterflies

Comment: The last link about Greenland is very good!


  1. Those look like good articles. Unfortunately it appears as if this will continue to be an issue. Democrats buy climate change and don't even question it. The only '08 Republican candidate left, McCain, either has bought the lie, or has bought the agenda behind the lie.

    Can I be controversial and mention a wacky topic? How about weather control? Is it possible?

  2. Just like clockwork, the media are trying to convince that gas prices are good for us because it will curb our driving and help stop global warming. It really is sad that so much of the world is actually buying this propoganda. As previously alluded to, global warming will be an issue, no matter who gets in office.


  3. Crazy that on certain issues, no amount of evidence seems to sway "the scientific establishment," whoever that really is. Even when it does sway the "scientific establishment," it doesn't seem like it causes Democrats to budge. Hmmm...

    Possible to control the weather? Well, I know that you can block out the sun in fairly large areas by putting a forest on fire, and you can try to "seed" clouds to get rain, but I would think that at a certain point, the ROI isn't real good on that sort of thing.

    Maybe God designed things to PREVENT us trying to pull this kind of stunt?


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