Medicine Lake Art Ice House Shanties

How thick is the ice?

I called Harties to check. He informed me that the ice is 16"-20" thick with no dangerous areas on the lake.

Comment: Dan S and I connected this morning to review the Metro Womens Center website. Then we took a drive down to Medicine Lake to check out the Art Shanty project. The temperature was -10!

The ones I liked:

  1. The "office scene". We enlisted a bystander to sit in the office. He in turn took our picture.
  2. The "refrigerator" house. The walls are festooned with refrigerator doors. It's like "the viewer is inside the refrigerator ... the inside of the house is the the outside of the refrigerator".
  3. The yellow house is the "ice taxi stand". The artist is "Kate". The taxi stand has decorated ice taxis to take patrons on a tour of the lake.

I'm about ready to leave to take Kathee down to view. It's worth the trip! See yesterday's post for details!

Update: We just returned ... but I did not have my camera with me:

Kathee calls this one the "Party Shanty". It was off the trailer and in motion. It is powered by pedal-power.

The spaceship is still under construction but advanced beyond the time of this photo. The middle section swings (not sure why!) and the dome is now completed.

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  1. I think this will be our 4th year attending and LOVE the uniqueness of the event! We are bringing relatives this year from Nevada that are here to experience winter! I think they will do that today, driving on the lake and seeing the ice fishing houses.


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