Egregious church discipline

Banned From Church


The conflict had been brewing for months. Shortly after the church hired Mr. Burrick in 2005 to help revive the congregation, which had dwindled to 12 members, Mrs. Caskey asked him to appoint a board of deacons to help govern the church, a tradition outlined in the church's charter. Mr. Burrick said the congregation was too small to warrant deacons. Mrs. Caskey pressed the issue at the church's quarterly business meetings and began complaining that Mr. Burrick was not following the church's bylaws. "She's one of the nicest, kindest people I know," says friend and neighbor Robert Johnston, 69, a retired cabinet maker. "But she won't be pushed around."

Comment: How NOT to do church discipline. Interesting Opinion Journal article! Mrs. Caskey is best off moving on!

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  1. Do a little digging and you will find that Burrick is a graduate of Hyles Anderson College, infamous for garbage like what he has done there in Allen.

    It is things like this incident that give Christianity and Baptists a black eye and a bad reputation.

    Burrick should do everyone a favor and resign...


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