Nvidia - the "other" Cryptocurrency play

Bitcoin and Nvidia Prices Soar in Sync


Nvidia products and Bitcoin seem to be interrelated. Both are key elements that are powering the world’s transition to the 4th Industrial Revolution.

“Technology is changing the nature of relationships between industries and creating a new range of challenges. For example, technology is now interconnected with retail, healthcare, and banking,” according to a PWC report.

In this connection, then, is there some degree of correlation between the price trajectories of Nvidia stock and Bitcoin? Nvidia stock is hovering at its highest-ever stock value.

As of writing [Sep 5, 2017], a share of Nvidia is over US$170, up from less than US$20 in 2014. As shown in the chart below, Nvidia’s stock price climbed significantly when Bitcoin miners started to order graphics cards specifically tailored for cryptocurrency mining, causing Nvidia shares to jump in value.

  • Pays a small dividend (chart below)
  • Nvidia chips are also used for autonomous driving 
  • James Cramer renamed his dog Nvidia
  • I dipped my toe in ... had some free cash and bought all of one share


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