A New Year's Tradition - the Personal Balance Sheet

Every New Year's (it may be on the Eve) for the past 20+ years, I've created a Personal Balance Sheet (AKA Net Worth Statement). Comments:
  • We aren't Karen and Bill (this is a sample only)
  • Excel or Google Docs is the tool of choice for this
  • I don't include cars in our balance sheet / nor house furnishings
  • Not in this spreadsheet but it's good to assess how "liquid" the assets are.
  • Having a savings account (very liquid) for an emergency fund and more is highly recommended. Ask yourself: "If the transmission failed, how would we pay for the repair?"
  • Interested in a cabin up north? A cool website.
  • How does your Net Worth compare with other's your age? A helpful calculator
The following from the Scriptures is very good:


  1. My Dad talked me into creating a spreadsheet to add up investments, etc. I built it up over time and am glad I did. Building up too much is dangerous, too little is bad too. intentional-investor.com


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