The sad state of Illinois - Property Taxes

Using the: smartasset.com/taxes/illinois-property-tax-calculator . See Illinoisans pay among the highest property taxes in the nation, according to the nonpartisan Tax Foundation

The 448 Gateshead Dr, Naperville, IL 60565 house is comparable to mine in Plymouth. We have 3,300 sq feet, and it is 3,000. The tax calculator did not get my taxes exactly right - mine are $ 6,266. Naperville looks to be comparable to Plymouth. Taxes are $ 4,000 higher.  See Bestplaces city compare


  1. More like Edina--wealthiest city in the Midwest according to Portfolio.com. Year after year of unsustainable promises....and time to pay the piper. Lots of it going around in Chicagoland and NW Indiana.

  2. And you being in Hennepin County, Jim, is higher than if your house was, say, in Anoka County.

    We bought our house in Kane County, IL in 2011. It's approximately 1,400 square feet, on a lot just under 7,000 square feet. Two bedrooms, two bath, $4,300/year taxes. I have friends in the area paying over $15,000/year. We've set down roots too much to consider moving on (besides the fact that we love our location), but sometimes I sure wish we could get out of Illinois.

  3. You think that's expensive. Last fall, we sold a home for $184,900 in one of the most best school districts in suburban Columbus, Ohio. (It was in one of two affordable neighborhoods for starter homes left in the district and still needed upgrades to the kitchen and two bathrooms.) Our property taxes were about $7500/yr and that was after a homestead reduction of about $750/yr.


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