Ferguson vs FaucetDirect

We needed a new faucet for our laundry room utility sink. I purchased the Elkay 406GN05T4 above. I found this interesting.

  • First I searched Ferguson and called their wholesale / retail location. They've got it but it wasn't in stock at their Plymouth location and would have to be shipped in. Price $ 229.44
  • Then I searched and purchased it from FaucetDirect. Price $ 154.70 with free shipping and no sales tax
  • When it shipped, I checked out the shipping source and it was a Ferguson warehouse
  • Interestingly, digging deeper, FaucetDirect is a Build.com company and Build.com is owned by Ferguson

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  1. Companies do funny things. That's almost as weird as Nordstrom's changing their name to Nordtrom, O'Reilly's Auto Parts changing their name to O'Reilly, and Genesis 1:1 changing from "heavens" to "heaven".


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