Buffett: "Most investors struggle to stay focused on the long-term"

Warren Buffett: Here's the 'big mistake' investors make


“Well, the big mistake is thinking they know when to buy and sell stocks,” Buffett says with a chuckle. “That there are times to buy ’em and times to sell ’em. There’s times to buy ’em. And eventually maybe, when you decide to start dis-saving when you’re 70 or 80 years of age or something of the sort, at that time you may sell ’em. “But basically any attempts to pick the times to buy or sell, I think, are a mistake for 99% of the population. And I think that even attempts to pick individual securities is a mistake for people.” The attempt to beat the market by tilting asset class weighting and trading in and out of stocks is known as active investing. Buffett recommends passive investing through a “very, very low cost S&P 500 index fund.”
Comment: My advice. Just invest in something ... something that makes money .... something that pays a dividend. Example INTC

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