A Magnum Research 50cal at arm's length ... #DarwinAwards

Boyfriend urged on woman in fatal YouTube stunt, new videos and transcripts show


He said he wanted to be “crazier” than famous stunt stars like the men behind MTV’s hit series, “Jackass.” “I may fail, but if I fail I want to die trying,” Ruiz said. “We’re all going to die anyways. It’s just a matter of how and when.” The couple bantered back and forth lightly at first in the videos, laughing and directing each other for what was supposed to be the first video on Ruiz’s YouTube channel. Perez already had her own channel, which included pranks and family-oriented videos. “So, my channel is gonna be all the crazy stuff that Pedro does,” Ruiz said in one video. “…Who’s Pedro? I’m Pedro, the crazy Pedro, the Pedro that makes you say, ‘Damn it, boy.’” Wearing a white V-neck T-shirt and white shorts, Ruiz promised antics that would balance out Perez’s “family vlogs.” The couple have a 3-year-old child and were expecting their second at the time.
Acting under Ruiz’s instructions, Perez presented the camera with a black-and-gold .50-caliber Desert Eagle pistol nestled on a red pillow.

Comment: He died trying. ‘Damn it, boy.’

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