Opinion: The attack on the Bloomington Mosque is an attack on religious freedom

Dayton calls Bloomington mosque blast "act of terrorism"


The attack on a Bloomington Islamic center is “an act of terrorism” and a hate crime, Gov. Mark Dayton declared Sunday during a visit to show solidarity. “What a terrible, dastardly, cowardly, terrible act this was that was committed,” Dayton said of the explosion early Saturday that broke a window and ignited the imam’s office. About a dozen men were praying nearby, but no one was injured. “The destruction done to this sacred site is just unthinkable, unforgivable. I hope and pray the perpetrator will be caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.” Minnesotans, Dayton said, “accept one another. We support one another. We respect one another. We live together. We work together. We succeed together. We’re not going to let one bad person get in the way of all that.
US Official: ‘Pipe-Bomb Device’ Used In Bloomington Mosque Explosion


According to officials, the device used in the Saturday morning explosion at the Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center showed “more sophistication” than expected.
Comment: Simply: I decry and condemn this attack!


  1. Interesting notes on this; the firebomb was tiny, was thrown in an empty room, services were in session. I have to wonder if it's an inside job.

  2. I've wondered the same thing. The FBI should be able to get to the bottom of this

    1. Only if they look, and that's in question. A 2014 case was closed with a lot of holes in the evidence as well, according to Judicial Watch.


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