Competitors eat SuperValue Market Share

Supervalu plots to keep Cub Foods on top of Twin Cities grocery scene


The biggest grocery chain in the Twin Cities — Cub Foods — has half the market share it did 20 years ago, with competition coming from new big-box store chains, boxes arriving on front porches, and a parent company that makes most of its money as a wholesaler rather than a retailer.

In the 1990s, Cub dominated the Twin Cities grocery scene with a 40 percent market share. It rose from a revolutionary start. Originally, it was a no-frills outlet, similar to a co-op or warehouse store, that was called Consumers United for Buying. Customers had to write down the price on each item using a pencil.
Comment: I'm not the grocery shopper but I relate my wife's view:

  • She hates CUB. She did drop in yesterday for: 1 quart maple syrup, and 2 other items
  • Lunds in Plymouth is her goto store - I estimate we spend $ 6,000 per year
  • Hy-Vee: She thinks the store (in New Hope) is too big
  • As for Supervalue - SVU - one of my bone-head stock purchases about 10 years ago. Lost $$ and bailed out
  • WMT: We hold. TGT = should get out of the grocery business. COST: James Cramer loves it


  1. Looking at the numbers, it seems that the middle (Cub and Target) is getting squeezed hard by the high end and Bentonville.

    Hy-Vee is an enigma. It's dominant here in Rochester, and they do a great job of having a fair amount of higher end products. Then they do idiotic things like plug-ins for coal fired vehicles and starting a fast fashion line. Huh?


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