Scaramucci and Sycophants

Often I am asked if I am a Trump supporter. Here it is:
  • I want him to succeed! I want him to be a great President
  • I want to be wrong about earlier comments I've made about him being emotionally unstable
  • I'm not a great wordsmith so I use others who express my views (as I will below)
  • Where we are now: His Presidency is off the tracks.
    • His Tweets are most times juvenile
    • His attacks on Sessions are shameful
On Scaramucci: Read this Anthony Scaramucci Called Me to Unload About White House Leakers, Reince Priebus, and Steve Bannon. He started by threatening to fire the entire White House communications staff. It escalated from there.

Trump's administration is at war against itself! He started it with Sessions and now Scaramucci is piling on. He does not command the moral high ground.

Peggy Noonan expresses my view: Trump Is Woody Allen Without the Humor Half his tweets show utter weakness. They are plaintive, shrill little cries, usually just after dawn.


The president’s primary problem as a leader is not that he is impetuous, brash or naive. It’s not that he is inexperienced, crude, an outsider. It is that he is weak and sniveling. It is that he undermines himself almost daily by ignoring traditional norms and forms of American masculinity.

He’s not strong and self-controlled, not cool and tough, not low-key and determined; he’s whiny, weepy and self-pitying. He throws himself, sobbing, on the body politic. He’s a drama queen. It was once said, sarcastically, of George H.W. Bush that he reminded everyone of her first husband. Trump must remind people of their first wife. Actually his wife, Melania, is tougher than he is with her stoicism and grace, her self-discipline and desire to show the world respect by presenting herself with dignity.

Half the president’s tweets show utter weakness. They are plaintive, shrill little cries, usually just after dawn. “It’s very sad that Republicans, even some that were carried over the line on my back, do very little to protect their president.” The brutes. Actually they’ve been laboring to be loyal to him since Inauguration Day. “The Republicans never discuss how good their health care bill is.” True, but neither does Mr. Trump, who seems unsure of its content. In just the past two weeks, of the press, he complained: “Every story/opinion, even if should be positive, is bad!” Journalists produce “highly slanted & even fraudulent reporting.” They are “DISTORTING DEMOCRACY.” They “fabricate the facts.”

It’s all whimpering accusation and finger-pointing: Nobody’s nice to me. Why don’t they appreciate me?

His public brutalizing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions isn’t strong, cool and deadly; it’s limp, lame and blubbery. “Sessions has taken a VERY weak position on Hillary Clinton crimes,” he tweeted this week. Talk about projection.
Comment: There it is!

That was quick:


  1. I could hardly disagree more! The media are controlled and Trump is using his own mode of communication to get out his message without it being filtered and changed and skewed to a particular point of view. Peggy Noonan? Really? I wouldn't take much of what she says seriously. The amount of hate Trump is getting from the left and the so-called right shows that he must be on the right track in much of what he is doing. Of course, I don't agree with everything about him, but I'd take him over any other Republican candidate in the last election by a long shot. JP, I still love you, man. But I am really disappointed in your neocon stance and anti-Trump rhetoric, so I have not come to this site much lately. And that sharp site? Are you kidding? I gave up that site a long ago. The anti-Trump rhetoric over there is just sickening. I'm sure I'd agree with many of the people over there in most things in life and I respect them as people, but cannot take the anti-Trump rhetoric. Of course, I believe in freedom of speech and you and the sharper people are welcome to your own opinions, and voicing them. But as a conservative, I feel like I need to counter that (in my opinion) naive anti-Trump stance and state that there are many of us who are glad he is tweeting and support much of what he is doing. JP, I do still like you, but this is one area where we can only agree to disagree, in kindness. I do appreciate your statements about how we should pray for our leaders.

  2. JP, please understand that I'm not trying to be harsh or unkind to you or anyone at that sharp site! I disagree very much about Trump, but I know that we agree much more in life on other things. Please don't take my reply as me being unkind. That's not my intent at all!

  3. Completely agree with Peggy Noonan and JP. Also, if more Pro-Trump voters wouldn't take such a blindly-following stance where they agree with everything Trump does, including his immature, sophomoric tweets, maybe he would change and stop making a fool out of himself. Maybe he would turn out to be a pretty good President. Sadly, the messenger gets in the way of the message. However, as long as the Pro-Trump voters blindly defend everything he does, he will not change. And things will get worse

  4. Joel, we are controlled by the media. What we think is cool and trendy and "important" is determined by a bunch of old men in New York and other such places. The dumbing down of America through such garbage as MTV is no accident; a bunch of older men determine what crude and stupid stuff to put on tv in order to help shape culture. The "news" is the same thing. For example, the Russian narrative is nothing but propaganda and fake news. That's why Trump's Tweets are so incredibly refreshing. He can bypass the filtered news and get the truth out that would otherwise be hidden and/or distorted. I hope he does not change this.

  5. Joel and Mr. Bubba, one of the reasons we like this site is because JP allows people who disagree with him to talk. I appreciate that.

    Joel, thank you for commenting. It's usually just JP, Mr. Bubba and me. Good to see some others around here. Thank you for joining.

  6. JP, or others, we are having a friendly disagreement here. As an interesting topic of discussion concerning disagreement, when did Rodney King change his famous saying? And how did he change it after his death? We all know his famous statement: "Can't we all just get along?" Now the statement is "Can we all get along? Can we get along?" The "can't" has been changed to "can" and the word "just" was removed from his statement. So, JP, Mr. Bubba, Joel, or anyone else, what happened? Is this similar to how "Luke, I'm your father" has now changed to "No, I'm your father"? in that Star Wars film? Who do you think changed Rodney's statement after his death and changed the movie line after the movie was already in production? Do you think Bing Crosy is the force behind these weird changes? How did he change "On the first day of Christmas my true love GAVE to me..." to "On the first day of Christmas my true love SENT to me..."? Bing Crosby is one talented guy in that he can change the lyrics to his music after his own death! Or is someone else behind these weird changes?

  7. JP, over at that sharp site where there are occasional debates about alcoholic drink, one of the arguments was about the age of wine and wineskins, etc. I wonder if the same force that changed Rodney King's statements is the same one that changed the KJV from "wineskins" to "bottles" in Luke 5:38. Might be the same outfit that changed Genesis 1:1 from the plural "heavens" to the singular "heaven."

    LOL - "No, I'm your father"! That's a good one! We all know it's "Luke, I'm your father." As if we could let that one slide without noticing it. When they change movies lines that the entire American population knows, it's hard to miss.

  8. Sorry, this disgusts me. I see we have the same people making comments here who make comments at SI. We have an administration searching for God and willing to to open to studying the Bible, and the self-righteous crowd at SI makes fun of that and questions their integrity. Sorry....JP, I love you, but I have never disagreed more with your and your viewers' views. I can't stand by and let this one go unchallenged, respectfully. I know I'm being a bit more serious than usual, and I still like you guys and respect you, but I just can't let this one go unchallenged.

  9. JP, so you link to a anti-Christian site that makes fun of conservatives and Christians and you all think it's cool now because it's anti-Trump at the same time? Hey, if someone is radically anti-convervative and and-Christian, not problem. As long as they are anti-Trump, that's what really important.....Really?? Sorry, JP, this cannot go unchallenged. JP, I love you, but I just can't sit idly by and let that one slide. Sure, I realize that people use religion all the time to garner votes and it's a complete fraud. I don't see that here.

  10. JP and followers: I apologize for being harsh in my last posts. That was not my intent. Being rude or unkind is not how I want to be.

  11. Hey JP...just between you and me, I'm glad you did not publish my comments. I apologize for being too harsh. I still disagree with you about Trump, but I agree with you probably on about just about everything else concerning spiritual issues, etc! Thank you, my friend!


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