Justine Damond - Trigger happy Cop?

It was a homicide': Heartbroken fiance reveals his wife-to-be was shot dead by cop after calling 911 to report a RAPE behind her home

Comment: Near my son's house

Statement from the officer:

Above from Star Tribune

Harsh but ...


  1. JP, I'm surprised you would link to that far-right WND website. Are you sure you want to be associated with an ultra-conservative outfit like that?

  2. JP, when you link to sites such as WND without a disclaimer, we might start to think you are a Trump supporter. Do you really want that?

  3. In any event, this is a sad case all around: for the woman's friends and family and also the cop's friends and family.

  4. Hi JP. I appreciate you publishing my comments. I am a strong supporter of Trump and have not come to this or that sharp site very much lately because it gets old hearing the same anti-Trump rhetoric over and over. But aside from that, I'm sure we would agree with most other things in life more than we disagree. I was having a bit of fun, saying how you might make yourself appear to agree with Trump...But in actuality, this is a sad story and not something that should be used for joking points. I'm sorry. I feel bad for all parties involved, on both the woman and the cop's side...............JP, I love ya, man! I just can't take the anti-Trump stuff on these sites so need to take a break at times. In any event, I hope you and your family and your readers are doing well. I enjoy (most) of your sight and SI's. :)

  5. Anonymous, you say things like "you might be a Trump supporter" like it's a bad thing. Do you really want that?


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