Carplay, IPhone, ITunes & iExplorer

As many know we bought a new car:

The feature I am most impressed with is CarPlay.  Plug you IPhone into the USB connection and voil√† one's phone is connected to the car entertainment system!

On my previous MacBook I had ripped many CD's into ITunes. Then I packed as many as I could into my 16 gig IPhone 5s.

When my Macbook died recently I lost that library (on the MacBook). What to do? 

Today I used IExplorer 4  to download all of that library from the IPhone 5s back into ITunes.

The next project is:
  • Backup the MacBook ITunes library onto a USB 3.0 Flash drive (128 Gig)
  • And begin to use an Apple Superdrive to contine to rip CDs into ITunes
  • Next: I need about a 128 gig Iphone. Fun Fun

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