The Wealth of the Super Eight - They Earned It and it's Not Bad for the Rest of Us!

Eight richest men are worth the same as HALF the rest of the world: Their £350billion haul is equal to the wealth of 3.6billion people


The eight richest billionaires have as much wealth as half the world’s population. Analysis by Oxfam shows the tycoons have together amassed fortunes totalling £349.8billion. The planet’s poorest 3.6billion have the same sum between them. ‘This concentration of wealth at the top is holding back the fight to end global poverty,’ the report says, also claiming that executive pay in the UK is out of control.
Comment: Image source from the article. Bernie Sander's view (any surprise?)

The other side ... while inequality has increased, extreme poverty has also decreased. Source

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  1. Star Trib: 'Obscene' inequality: Oxfam says 8 men as rich as half the world:

    Comment: Standard rhetoric:

    Oxfam outlined measures that it hopes will be enacted to help reduce the inequality.

    They include higher taxes on wealth and income to ensure a more level playing field and to fund investments in public services and jobs, greater cooperation among governments on ensuring workers are paid decently and the rich don't dodge their taxes. And business leaders should commit to paying their fair share of taxes and a living wage to employees.

    Max Lawson, Oxfam's policy adviser, urged billionaires to "do the right thing," and to do "what Bill Gates has called on them to do, which is pay their taxes."


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