Macy's closure and the Minneapolis Skway

Downtown Macy's closure could affect Minneapolis skyways


Macy’s is one of downtown’s biggest skyway hubs, providing a crossing over Nicollet Mall and connections to the IDS Center, US Bancorp Center, Highland Bank Court and City Center.

Peter Bruce, a consultant who tracks pedestrian traffic, said Macy’s is one of the busiest spots in the skyway with an estimated 15,000 trips a day.

Pedestrians rely on the skyways most between October and April, Bruce said. With the store scheduled to close in March, he said, it’ll be important to have signs in place to help pedestrians find their way around any closures.

“If the building is closed or the skyway route is made less attractive than normal … people will need to be reminded of what’s a block or two away,” Bruce said, “because they won’t have the natural inclination to just walk through Macy’s and just see what they find.”

Comment: The blue-shaded area in the red box above. See Skyway map . Update: Developer committed to keep skyways open

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