On Boycotts and Hypocrisy

Of Indiana boycotts and hypocrisy: Why stop there?


What's especially galling about the recent moves to boycott Indiana is that so many of the newly energized boycotters have no problem whatsoever doing business in countries whose governments promote and even carry out mind-boggling discrimination against LGBT people.:
  • EMC Corp., which reportedly withdrew from a convention in Indiana over the issue, derives about 28.6 percent of its revenue from a region that includes the Middle East and Africa and 13.1 percent from what's listed as the "Asia Pacific" region. EMC's website lists a contact in Lagos, Nigeria, where execution of gay people is allowed in some circumstances.
  • Apple Inc., whose CEO Tim Cook took a sharp jab at Indiana over the law, just won permission to do business in Saudi Arabia under its own name. Saudi Arabian law provides for execution of people caught in sexual acts with people of the same gender.
Comment: Image source of Koran / Bible in toilets. The infamous Piss Christ (click through for image) was funded in part by the taxpayer-funded National Endowment for the Arts. Can  you imagine the uproar if there were a similarly themed "Piss Mohammed"?!

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