Celebrating my 21st Anniversary with Wells Fargo

I started at Norwest in Greenwood Villiage Colorado on March 7th, 1994 at the age of 44½. In 1996 we moved from Littleton Colorado to Plymouth Minnesota. Norwest bought Wells Fargo in 1998 and took the Wells name. In 2008 Wells Fargo bought Wachovia. I expect to work one more year ... to just past my 22nd anniversary.
Comment: Image Source. Looking back 6 years (earlier blog post)

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  1. Congrats!

    Especially on finding an industry/company that's avoided so much of the downsizing plague. My circle of friends at church include an employee at Sears (he's survived multiple cuts), one at Motorola (down from 35,000 employees in Illinois to less than 3,500), a contractor for OfficeMax/Depot who doesn't know what's going to happen to his job, and another who just survived cuts at United Stationers last week. It really makes one think twice before switching employers!


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